Each year the Leon Levy Expedition welcomes volunteers to participate  in its work at Ashkelon. The current excavations involve both the  discovery of new material and the advanced curation of all material  excavated since 1985. A series of publication projects are ongoing, and  volunteers are encouraged to learn about all parts of the archaeological  process. Current projects include the detailed analysis of Iron I  pottery, Persian pottery, and Middle Bronze Age pottery alongside the  ongoing registration and analysis of new finds. Further, through  workshops, volunteers are exposed to projects involving ground  penetrating radar, flotation analysis, micromorphology, and other forms  of scientific sampling.

Volunteer Information for 2016 - the last field season!

Season Schedule

Summer 2016

Participants can join the dig for the full season or for either of two half-season sessions. For students on the quarter system, we offer a 5 week session, which will begin after the completion of spring quarter.

Full season dates: June 4 - July 15, 2016

Half Season Participation is possible but credit is only available for full season participants
Half Season Session 1: June 4 - June 25
Half Season Session 2: June 25 - July 15
5 Week Session: June 11 - July 15

Note: Recommended travel dates for full season and Summer School: June 4 and July 15 (evening)
For half season: Plan to arrive or depart on June 25.
For 5 week session: Plan to arrive on June 11.

Application must be submitted by April 6, 2016.


Participation Fees

Full Season: $3450
Half Season: $1725
5 Week Session: $2750
Summer School Program: $6250

Come as a group: Invite friends or family to join you for the full season and receive $200 off your fee for each additional person who attends (up to five participants).


Practical Information

Visit the website of the dig's accommodations, the Leonardo Hotel in Ashkelon.


Application and Scholarship Information

The 2016 Application must be submitted by April 6, 2016 in order to be considered for acceptance.

A full application requires submission of the online application, as well as completion of forms sent upon preliminary acceptance, including a medical evaluation form and risk waiver.

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