Welcome to Archaeology 101!

For teachers - this gives you access to resources and an introduction to the basics of field archaeology and life on an archaeological dig.  After looking through the materials, you will start to "think like an archaeologist"!

For students - this gives you a quick introduction to archaeology.  You will build a foundation of knowledge to help you complete module activities and other lessons.  

Archaeology 101

Lesson Plan                                                                        How do archaeologists layout their grids?

Archaeology 101 introduction                                          How do archaeologists layout their grids?

Archaeology of your recycling                                         What tools do archaeologists use?

How do you become an archaeologist?                            BC/AD - What do these mean?

Who is on a dig?                                                                What is a dig day like for a volunteer?

Archaeology trading card activity                                   Why study archaeology?

Why do we have you keep a log book?                            How do Archaeologists label objects they find?