Perhaps an introduction is in order.


This is the official blog of the 2009 Leon Levy Expedition to Ashkelon. And I'm Alter Reiss, the official blogger of the 2009 Leon Levy Expedition to Ashkelon. I got this job by writing about last year's excavation on my livejournal (if you're curious, entries related to last year's dig start at Unlike last year, when I was a volunteer, I'm on staff this year, so the time I have to spend on this might be a bit reduced. On the other hand, my authority has increased tremendously. I used to be a guy who listened to a square supervisor who listened to an area supervisor who listened to the dig director; now I'm one of those people who'll listen to an area supervisor who listens to the dig director. You can see how I have to struggle to keep this power from going to my head.

What'll I'll be doing here should look pretty similar to what I did on livejournal last year, though this year it's going to be a group blog, so assuming all goes according to plan, there are going to be other people posting about what's going on in their sections of the dig.