Pre-season, Day 4

Not much happening today, at least not in the area where I'm working. We did a bit of surveying, making sure that we know exactly where we're going to be digging. Other than that, there was the excitement and romance of infomation technology, attaching routers to wireless cards, and making sure that we can connect to the network.

This is stuff that needs to be done. We're going to be using OCHRE, the “Online Cultural Heritage Research Environment”, to manage what we find in the field, so we need to be able to connect to the servers in order to open a new pottery bucket, or record a find, or, basically, to dig at all. All the same, it doesn't make for terribly interesting reading, I'm afraid.

Tomorrow looks to be much the same -- I'll probably head in, and see where I can lend a hand, but I might just take the day off.