What to Bring

It's that time of year.  I keep my eye out for sales on whatever it is I usually throw in my suitcase to bring to Ashkelon.  So what can't you live without as you spend six fabulous weeks on the sunny Mediterranean coast of Israel?  Turns out, not much.  You can get by with very little.  There are, of course, some things that you really do need and here is what I recommend.  For some of you, this will be obvious and self explanatory.  For others, everything about an archaeological expedition might new, strange and even unusual.  So here goes.

Today, I'm talking about what you'll need in the field:

1. a bag or backpack (something to hold all your stuff)

2. water bottle (hydration is THE overriding health concern while doing physical labor in the hot sun)

3. hat (passing out from heat stroke is not a good thing)

4. sunscreen (the dirt will cover you pretty thoroughly but its a good idea to use sunscreen too)

5. trowel (Marshalltown trowels are the most common.  Get a pointing one)

6. powdered drink mix (optional but helpful to have if 32+ ounces a day of water gets old)

7. notebook and pen (some of you will have to keep journals, others may just want to play hangman)

8. sunglasses (you don't usually wear them in the field but they're good for nap time during breaks)

9. granola bars (totally optional but some people like an extra snack)

10. proper attire (closed toed shoes, pants or shorts, t-shirts

11. camera (you will want to take pictures with some frequency)


There is, of course, an infinite variety associated with the above list.  And I haven't even dealt with some of the other electronics that you'll want to bring.  I think we'll save that for next time!


Finally today, a new "What? Where? When?"  Can you guess what it is?