A Little Reading Material

First things first, the answer to April 26th's WWWW (Who? What? Where? When?)

The answer is, of course, WALL AWESOME!  Those of you lucky enough to dig in Grid 51 will get to appreciate its awesomeness on a daily basis.  As for everyone else, we'll just have to admire it when we visit during tel tours.

On to something else...

Buried about half way down, maybe a little more, on the list of publications about the site is a link to a National Geographic article published in 2001.  Written by Rick Gore, with photographs by Robert Clark, the article provides an excellent overview of ancient Ashkelon.  Want to read more? The first link takes you to an excellent synopsis of the article along with some fascinating notes offered by both the author and the photographer.  In addition, there are some other interesting features that expand on information in the article. The synopsis can be found here.  If you want to take a peek at the full article you can look here.  If you are joining us this summer, or even if you're not, it is a good read.


Coming soon -- as promised -- the reasons you absolutely HAVE to work in Grid 47.



Meanwhile, WWWW.