It's been a busy week and a half -- or whatever it actually is -- since the season started.  Frankly, I don't know how it is for everyone else but for me the days pass without any recognition which day it is except that it is a work day.  Or, not a work day.  Nine times out of ten if you asked me which day of the week it actually was, I would have to think about my answer.  And that tenth time?  I'd probably get it wrong!  I work, I eat, I work, I eat and then I sleep!

There is much to report.  Last week we had a day of seminars where students and staff alike had an opportunity to learn about some of the technologies we use here on site.  To the left, Adam Aja is talking to some volunteers about metals.

Once upon a time, staff members on the Leon Levy Expedition to Ashkelon had to draw, map and take levels on everything we found by hand -- this required lots of patience and a willingness to do math.  It also involved stadia rods, benchmarks and other such things.  Today, things are very different and we are totally high tech.  The excavation has a team of surveyers who do all the work for us using GIS.  It really is a wonderful thing -- a big THANK YOU to Deland, Katie and Ben -- and to the write you can see Ben teaching a volunteer how to use the total station.



What do we find more of than anything else on site?  Besides sun and dirt that is...  The answer is pottery and looking to the right you can see Philip teaching a group of volunteers and staff all about petrography.





Of course, it's not all fun and play -- I mean studying.  We are doing lots and lots of work.  And not just in Grid 47.  The other two grids, Grid 38 and Grid 51 have been hard at work too.  Below, I'm including some pictures from the past week and a half.




 Josh, Grid Supervisor in 38, demonstrating awesome trowel technique all while smiling and keeping up a witty banter with his volunteers.

















More work in Grid 38 where baulk cutting is serious business.














Deland.  Walking.  (This is just a really cool picture.)








Back in Grid 47...





Lots and lots of rocks to move around in Grid 47.















You will notice, as I did while going through the latest batch of pictures given to me, that there is no Grid 51.  It is here, people are working in it and I hope to have pictures real soon.  Really, I do.