Still Summertime... And Loving Every Minute of It!

It really is a small world.  I went to a party today, family in tow, to celebrate the grand opening of a new garden at my children's school. While there, I talked to some parents who told me they ran into some people wearing Leon Levy Ashkelon Expedition t-shirts in downtown Chicago yesterday!  I'm guessing whoever was wearing those t-shirts was from Wheaton College...  Am I right? 

While at Ashkelon, it can feel like you are away from home for forever and a day. Maybe longer.  Then you come home and wow, summer isn't over!  Case in point.  




The lights are on, the sky is getting dark, and I'm sitting in my backyard listening to Paul McCartney rock Wrigley Field. What a great welcome home!




 I hope you are enjoying whatever summer has on tap for you!