"Because It's Cool!" I Want to Excavate the Sewer Contest

Unexcavated but not forgotten, the sewer in Grid 47 stands ready for exploration.  If only we had a good reason to go in and a safe way to investigate this truly remarkable discovery.

My argument for why we should excavate the Roman period sewer discovered during the 2011 season -- "Because it's cool!" -- didn't persuade anyone to let us dig it but yours might.

This is your chance to win an ice coffee, or non-alcoholic beverage of your choice, from the Dan Gardens Hotel as well as fame and glory in our informal "Because It's Cool!" I Want to Excavate the Sewer Contest.

It's simple really.  In 1000 words or less describe how we can explore the sewer without putting a person inside.  Your proposal should include why you think the sewer is worth exploring, your plan, the equipment and/or technology required to implement it and the approximate cost of your plan.  The lucky winner may, just may, see their plan put into action.

Mail your plan to tracy@digashkelon.com.

Entries are due by March 31st and the winner will be announced on May 1st. 



Be creative!  Be inspired!  And find me a way to get into the sewer!  I'm ready to see where it goes!