Contest Continues

Thank you to everyone who has entered to contest.  We have had some wonderful responses ranging from the practical and feasible to the nonsensical and highly imaginative.  It certainly makes from some great reading.


In this picture you can see Deland standing in the sewer channel.  Thanks to Deland's ingenuity he was able to survey a portion of the sewer and determine that it extends at least 10 meters to the east and west of the opening in which he stands.





 As you can see, the sewer is largely silted up but there is maybe a foot or two of space at the top that is not filled in and which gives us an opportunity to get inside safely with the right plan.


Maybe your plan will be the one we put into action.


Grid 47, I expect you to have some good ideas. 


The contest continues until March 31.  The winner will be announced May 1st. 






Have you read the most recent New York Times article on Ashkelon?  Read about it here.  The article is about a collaboration between the Leon Levy Expedition to Ashkelon and the Weizmann Institute and the emerging field of microarchaeology.