Container Archaeology

Top 5 reasons we love looking through the Leon Levy Expedition storage containers:

5.  Seeing the hard work of volunteers of seasons past.

4.  Finding shiny things (the technical term for artifacts)

3.  The hidden allure of dark, dusty, blazingly hot metal containers

2.  Close encounters with the container's wildlife population

And the Number One Reasons we love the containers and their contents,

1.  Finding forgotten treasures and bringing them to light

Thursday was a fun day working in the compound consolidating the Islamic period glass material.  What an amazing collection!


Today the pace was a little slower as we worked on various projects in the Lab.


The hotel looks to be full this weekend, as usual, with families enjoying the sunny beaches of Ashkelon.  It's a good time to pick up a good boo, lay low and relax a week ahead of the season's start.