Day Two

Lots to write about today.  It was a good day.  A bit more humid than we all might like but nothing to complain about -- at least too loudly.  (What's a little humidity compared to waking up at 4:30 to go do eight hours of manual labor?)


Grid 38 started excavating today.  Work included the dismantling of a wall that staff and volunteers subsequently carried stone by stone to the dump.








Square Supervisors Ben and Shimi -- loving life in Grid 38.







In Grid 51 -- the only picture of which insists upon uploading upside down in spite of all my efforts to upload it correctly -- it was day to of cleaning.  Tomorrow, Kate (the Grid Supervisor), tells me they will start diggin.  Tomorrow, i hope to have pictures of the grid that are right-side-up.

In Grid 47 we start digging which is surely a new world record for the grid.  We started a probe to look for more of the monumental Hellenistic period building uncovered under the east pier of the odeon's stage.  We started a second probe to determine the exact relationship between an Islamic period cistern and the third wall of the theatre's seating area.  And then, up top, Robyn started digging and as always found more architecture and lots to confuse us.  Great day!

Look for more about Grid 51 tomorrow!

Loading this quickly before heading off to the pottery compound for more work.  Please excuse any typos/grammatical errors!