Day Nine

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It was another fun day in Ashkelon.  Hot and humid, just the way we like it!

It doesn't look like much right now but that's a mosaic floor under the trowel.  It is the third mosaic floor uncovered in Grid 47's current excavation area.

Also in Grid 47 today, there were new walls, a new cobble-lined pit at least five and a half feet deep and lots of fill -- dirt poured into unoccupied buildings to help prepare an area for new construction.

Grid 51 found a beautiful Persian stamp seal yesterday.  Today they further revealed Persian and Hellenistic period floors.  Stay tuned for more pictures soon.  (I'm hoping to do another post when I get more pictures.)

In Grid 38, they've been busy dismantling walls and finding whole vessels.  It's always exciting in the world of the Philistines.