Day Thirty-Two

Apologies for the lack of pictures.  The pervasive internet issues we've been struggling with this summer are still causing trouble.  Never fear, though, there is news to report.  Today was the day of Ashkelon's annual Tell Games.  The festivities were masterminded by Adam Aja who always comes up with a really creative way to let off Week 5 steam.  This year it was a version of "Rock, Paper, Scissors," with "Egyptians, Assyrians and Philistines."  Very geeky and a great deal of fun!  

Today in Grid 47 we continued to dig Iron Age fills in our two probes.  Both areas of fill seem to be part of the odeon's construction which is very interesting.

In Grid 51 they worked on uncovering more mudbrick floors, they took down some walls and worked on their tabun.  Hopefully pictures will follow soon.

And in Grid 38 they are getting ready to fine grid and float Shimi's entire square.