Day Thirty-Seven

Somehow yesterday's post did get published.  My apologies for the delay.

The digging is over in Grid 47 and we have started cleaning.  That's right, that's Zach using a leaf blower to clean off our big Roman walls.  What's a little dust storm when you can cut two days off your cleaning schedule?  The walls have never looked better which is great since we will be hosting a meeting of the minds to discuss the odeon in a few days.  Hard to believe the season is almost over.

It isn't for Grid 51, not yet.  They are hard at work excavating a tabun and the related floor.  And, wouldn't you know it, funny things happen when you excavate and while digging that tabun, they found another!  Looks like another day or two in the dirt for Grid 51 but I doubt you'll hear any complaints.

Grid 38 is done enough with their digging that there is time for some fun.  I wonder who will win?

Pancake day is coming up soon.  So too is Adam Aja's famous end of season slide show.  Can't wait!

Final photos fast approaching...  And the first post-season staff meeting has already been scheduled.