"Educate" Tab Is Live

"Educate" Tab Is Live

Last summer Nichole Moos, a nationally board certified PreK teacher from Chicago, joined the expedition with the goal of developing an archaeology curriculum for young students.  She had a great experience, or so she tells me, and produced a series of modules on a range of subjects from jewelry in ancient Ashkelon to oil lamps.  It is with great excitement that I can announce that the "educate" tab, the Leon Levy Expedition's portal for educators, is now live.  There you can learn about Nichole's project, view the curriculum modules and maybe even learn a thing or two yourself.

Congrats to Nichole who, with the assistance of our web guru Melissa, has created and is now presenting the results of this pilot program.  In the next few days I hope to post a brief question and answer with Nichole about her work last summer, what she hopes to accomplish this coming season as the project continues to expand, and what advice she has for first-time volunteers.

Stay tuned for a video presentation and/or blog post on what to bring, how to prepare oneself and some (but never all) of the random information volunteers are curious about as preparations for a summer in Ashkelon get under way.

The first group of supervisors will be heading over in 10 days marking the official beginning of the pre-season.  I am among that group and will try to post short blog entries every day on everything from the annual grid tool draft and current research projects to the cleaning and prepping of the grids and, of course, the start of work in Grid 44.  This year in particular, I'll also try to highlight what is happening in Grid 38 as excavation in that area winds down.  And never forget Grid 51 where 604 BC looms large.

It promises to be another exciting season and I look forward to seeing everyone in Ashkelon!