Day Five

Day Five...

It's almost the start of the weekend. Only two hours of pottery washing and a lecture to go! Tomorrow the volunteers are off to Jerusalem for a day long field trip and I know many of them will be staying overnight and deservedly so. We had a fantastic first week of digging!

As promised, here are a couple of pictures from Seminar Day yesterday. The fist one is of the microarchaeology presentation, the second metals.

And a bonus picture. Today in Grid 44 we were lucky enough to have Adam spend some time digging with us. We had a very productive morning as he helped us articulate rubble collapse on a floor.

In Grid 51 they unblocked a doorway to the street from one of the rooms in the insula. They also traced a late Persian floor and continued to drop the Persian period street.

And in Grid 38 they worked to expose a new series of floors in their Philistine period building.