Day Twelve

Day Twelve

Now it is starting to get hot. Good thing the work is interesting and keeping us distracted.

In Grid 38 they continued to hunt for Phase 20 and the earliest Philistines. And I still owe you pictures!

In Grid 51 they continued excavating the street in addition to dropping their robber trenches, evidence that the building they are excavating was robbed for building materials, as they move ever closer to 604 B.C.E.

In Grid 44 we uncovered more walls, more marble paving, a plain white mosaic floor and a very interesting piece of metal shown below.

It is a six day digging week this week so tomorrow will be busy. I don't know how many students will try to travel but I for one am looking forward to a quiet day off Saturday. The hotel is filling up and I image a number of Israeli families will be joining us here in the hotel. The music is already loud, the pool full of kids. Place looks to be hopping.