Day 16

Day 16

In Grid 44 today we cut back our full 10 meter north baulk 30 centimeters and, surprise, uncovered more walls! We then spent much of the day cleaning those walls.

In Grid 51 they excavated more Phase 7 floors and in so doing found a piece of ivory inlay. They also found some worked stone and another puppy burial in the street.

In Grid 38 they continued digging in search of Phase 20B which is proving to be elusive. Attention is turning to exposing more of the Egyptian wall to learn more about its construction.

It is hard to believe that we are nearing the end of Week Three. It's a busy week. On Wednesday we will welcome a group of Israeli school children who are coming to learn about archaeology and the history of Ashkelon. On Thursday we will compete in the annual Tell Games, go on a tell tour and then the volunteers will be off on an afternoon field trip. Friday we will work before heading off to the weekend.