Preseason Day Sixteen

Another busy day in the compound with everyone hard at work on their different projects. We are well into our routine and will be happy, I'm sure, to have things mixed up on Saturday when everyone arrives. Final preparations for the season are underway -- tools are being inspected, routers are being tested in the field, laptops are being put through their paces and the breakfast arrangements have been made.

Volunteers, if you are arriving Saturday and have not asked for a seat on one of the shuttles, please get in touch with Robyn at Harvard and let her know which one you would like to be on, the 3:00 or 8:00 ride. If she doesn't hear from you, she will put you on whichever one makes the most sense with your arrival time (so don't worry about being left behind). On your ride down to Ashkelon Melissa, the volunteer coordinator, will inundate you with useful information, the most important piece of which may very well be your grid assignments. Sunday's wake-up call will come quickly, at 4:00 am, and the buses will leave promptly at 5:00 for our first day of work. Best way to get over jet lag EVER.