Excavation Continues

Shimi, Ben and the crew of workers continue to make significant progress in the salvage excavation.  With 5 days left, they are racing to complete the project so that the Park Authority can continue with its infrastructure improvements. As always, the workers display an enviable ability to multitask.

When work was stopped in early July, the rubble in the middle of the picture above was just being exposed. Even then it was surprising and interesting: pieces of plastered ashlar blocks, piles of floor tiles, and lots of nails.  Of particular interest was the fact that the stones were simply left where they were and covered over.  It's rare that such great building material was, in essence, ignored. 

The resumption of work has revealed even more of this rubble including colorful patterned mosaic fragments, coins, nails, marble veneers and moldings, ashlars and lots of mortar fragments.

Painted plaster on wall fragment

Painted plaster on wall fragment

There is still much to learn about this area and the structure being uncovered. I anticipate we'll know more in the next few days. Hopefully, we'll have an update before it is all said and done. I, for one, can't wait to learn more.