It's official.  The preseason has started.  We arrived yesterday, spent the night wrestling with jet lag and fatigue, per the usual, and were off and running this morning.  Today, Daniel Master and I participated in a conference at Ashkelon College on Ashkelon and its environs.  Ben Felker, a member of our GIS team spent his day in the Lab working on various projects.  And Josh ran around doing Lab Director business ahead of a Thursday run up to Jerusalem to get supplies for the season. 

Tomorrow we will be out in the pottery compound planning the remainder of the preseason.  I'm looking forward a productive few weeks.

Randomly, a note about the hotel, our fabulous home away from home.  This year they've installed an ATM machine.  Old timers will appreciate the importance and value in this.  No longer do weary volunteers or staff members need to trudge up the hill to get money.  Now, it's just a hop, skip and a jump down to the lobby. 

Check back soon for pictures from the site.  I hope to walk around some of excavation areas in the next few days.