A Week to Go

It's a hot one today so we are all working in the lab.  Supervisor computers are updated and ready to go.  Ben is preparing the total stations for the summer.  Josh is making sure we have enough supplies, tools and other sundries.  As for everyone else?  We're working on various research projects.

The first volunteer arrives tomorrow, a group of supervisors arrives on Sunday which is the same day we'll do some digging in a salvage excavation project we are conducting in cooperation with the Parks Authority.  The next big wave of arrivals appears to be Thursday when much of the remaining staff arrives in town.  The season is definitely picking up steam.

I'll try to blog each and every day which is our informal way of keeping friends, families, volunteers, and whoever else decides to stop by informed of our progress.  I'll highlight the various excavation areas, with pictures, throughout the season.  I'll also feature special guest posts by volunteers so check back often to see what is happening on the excavation.