Daily Update

We were back in the field today.  The first order of business was preparing a new area for a salvage excavation ahead of the installation of a large pump for the park's new sewer system.

This new area is adjacent to the park offices and our pottery compound.  Our goal is to excavate a 10 x 10 meter area down 3.6 meters (the depth required for the pump).  It's going to be an intense 5 weeks once we get started.  

While a  GPR survey done several years ago as well as a coring project revealed little archaeological material in the area, the wider expanse we'll be opening has great potential.  This location is more or less 30 meters from what we believe to be the approximate location of the cardo (the main north-south street of the city from the Roman period onwards) and may hold, therefore, structures associated with the street.

We start this project in two weeks so check back then to see our progress.