Good Sunday Morning

Grid 51 started the day with a pick party.  Everyone was in the street dropping it down.  Nothing like getting dirty to start the week off right.

Work in the Snake Tower continues to reveal more of the tower which looks more and more impressive.

Grid 16 is in the hunt and continues to dig deeper into the North Tell as they work to give us a view of Ashkelon's settlement sequence from the Bronze Age through the Crusader period.

Today we started work in Grid 32, our salvage excavation next to the park offices and our pottery compound, and were rewarded with some walls, a few more walls, and, unsurprisingly, even a few more walls.  In all seriousness, Grid 32 seems to be displaying, architecturally, patterns we've already seen in other areas -- meaning, residential buildings constructed over earlier monumental buildings.  Of course, we've just started uncovering the walls so we could, in time, find we have something all together different but there is little doubt we have a lot of excavating to do in the next five weeks.