Walls are Moving

Didn't make it to the Snake Tower today unfortunately.  I'll definitely have to get over there tomorrow as I hear they have found even more of the earlier Hellenistic fortifications on which subsequent fortifications, dating to the Byzantine, Fatimid and Crusader periods, were founded.

I did make it over to Grid 51, however, where the wall removal is in full swing. 

The mudbricks were flying this morning!

In Grid 16 they are digging through a Byzantine pottery dump, amongst other material, that is so dense with pottery they are putting the sherds in crates.  Buckets simply aren't big enough.

Finally, on a "we work in a great place" note, today ancient Ashkelon is a national park filled with wildlife.  This week there have been sightings of mongoose, a kestrel, ibex, goat herds and desert foxes.