A Helping Hand

How do you move sandbags from one excavation area to another?  With a bulldozer of course.

Sami provides some assistance

Sami provides some assistance

It's a hot one today.  Exciting things happening.  The Snake Tower is winding up excavation.  They should be done tomorrow and we'll try to post a picture of the final results.  They've done a lot of work, answered their questions, and are now ready to move on to a new project.

In Grid 16, the Step Trench, they continue to expose more of the bedrock.  Their most interesting discovery of late, however, does not involve architecture.  Rather, it offers an explanation for what happened to the architecture, in this case the fortification walls.  They now have evidence for the sapping of the walls -- the only question is what period the walls (which have tumbled down the slope) belong to.

Grid 51 is deep into 604 B.C. and we're hoping to get some more pictures of the material to share with everyone.

Last by not least, in the Salvage Excavation they are excavating a pit full of iron implements -- blades, nails, tacks, what looks like hinges and all sorts of things.  It is very, very interesting material.

As promised, the last two weeks look to be full of great discoveries and lots of work.