2015 Offseason Week 4

One of the best moments of each season? Believe it or not, the dig t-shirt reveal. Every season a new object, usually found that same season or sometimes the season before, is selected to be on the annual shirt. (Some of those same objects have made their way into the Israel Museum.)

Every year the shirt is a different color and every year many of the volunteers and staff wear it home to help speed their way through the airport. 

Enjoying dessert at the final party

Enjoying dessert at the final party

Wearing this season's t-shirt even got the wearer free ice cream or waffles at the final dig party!

Some years, particularly in the 80s and 90s, there were even what we called, "alternate" dig t-shirts, unofficial versions that reflected various projects, or objects, from those seasons. One such example is below.

We'll have to see if we can't "dig up" the old t-shirts and and review some of the objects deemed the best-of-the-best.