2016 Field Season Day 19

In addition to being an archaeological site, Ashkelon's national park is also a nature reserve. It is not uncommon for us to see a variety of animals while in the field. Today a mongoose darted out from behind a pile of dirt during a bucket chain. We have spotted mice, foxes, lizards and a wide variety of birds this summer. There is also a herd of goats and sheep that graze in the park regularly.

The park also has a sea turtle rescue program and one of the highlights of each season is when the park releases healthy turtles back into the Mediterranean. 

We have one more day of work this week and then its the weekend. Saturday everyone is off. Sunday the staff is off while volunteers head off on a field trip.

This weekend also marks the halfway point of the season which means several volunteers are leaving while several more will be joining us for the remainder of the season. Only three more weeks of excavation to go!