Day 1!

Today was my first day digging with the archaeologists here in Ashkelon. I am in GRID 51 for the first few days.  At this dig there are 3 grids (areas where people are digging up different things).  When the original archaeologists decided to excavate (science word for dig up) Ashkelon 20 years ago, they divided the area into 100 squares (grids).  So, I am in the 51st of these squares.  The grid leader is Kate.  Here is a photo of the area I am excavating. This photo was taken from up high so that all the different layers of the site can be seen.  

Junior Archaeologist Assignment:

Can you build/create something at home and then take a picture of it from up high. Does the object you built/created look the same from that angle or different?  Send me your photos and your thoughts about how your object looked different at, and I will post them on the blog!

Question of the Day:

Grid 51 pic.pdf

Look at the photo- what do you think we are excavating? Remember, archaeologists study human life. Put your predictions in the comments section.  I cannot wait to hear what you think!


on 2012-06-19 13:35 by Nichole Moos

Hi  Annabel, Oliver and Miss Kerrie!  

Annabel you are on the right track with what we are excavating.  It is a place where people may have lived. Think about it like a condominium building, like the ones on Lincoln Ave. They think there were shops down on the floor by the street and people lived in little rooms above the shops. Maybe on your next walk in your neighborhood you can look for a building like this.  Nice job seeing all of the little rooms and using that smart brain of yours Annabel! 

Oliver, I talked with archaeologist Paula about the toys. She is going to try and find some of the toys for you, and we will be posting a video about it later this week. Super question!

Miss Kerrie they vary in size depending upon what we are finding in the ground.  The biggest grid we are working on is 45x35 meters.  The smallest grid is 15x10 meters. Grid 51, the grid I am in, is 25x15 meters.The length of time depends on what want to find there. One grid has been being excavated since 1985, another grid has only be worked on for 5 years and will be closing this year.  Thanks for the question!


on 2012-06-20 12:55 by Nichole Moos

Hi Brandon and Ms. Busch- You are right, it is where someone lives! It isn't one house though, it is actually a condo building where lots of people lived.  The building had shops for people to visit on the bottom floors and on the top families lived in little rooms.  We are finding all kinds of things in here.  Today I found the floor to one part of the condo- super cool! Yesterday, someone found an oil lamp. Check out the video of it in yesterday's post and let me know what you think.  Thanks for following me while I am here; I'm excited to see what other questions you have for me. I hope you both are having a great summer!