Tracing Floor

Check out what happened while I was digging today! 


 Junior Archaeologist Assignment:

When we are tracing the floor we look for clues, like the white rocks going in a certain direction, to decide what direction we should go.  It's like doing a puzzle. It's important for us to know when the floor stops or bumps into a wall because that is how we know how big a room is.   Your assignment is to take a close look at the floor in your bedroom, is there a pattern on the floor? Can you tell when the floor in your room stops and new floor or a wall begins?  Is the floor in your room the same/different as the floor in the hallway?

Question of the Day:

What do you think the floor I found is made of? wood? carpet? 

At the end of the day today the archaeologist who look at what floors are made of took pieces of the floor to look at to decide what the floor is made of.  I wonder if your answer will be the same as theirs?!

Remember to post what you find about your floors at home and your answer to the question in the comments section.  Also, if you have any other questions or want me to explore something special post that in the comments section, too!