In my first post I asked you all what you thought we might find in Ashkelon, and Nina said jewelry! Her idea made me curious if jewelry had been found at Ashkelon.  I went to the metal expert on the dig, archaeologist Adam.  He was able to find lots of things to show you! Check out this video to learn about some of the jewelry here at Ashkelon.

Junior Archaeologist Activity

Archaeologist Adam wants to know about the jewelry you find at your house. Ask your parents if you can look at some of their jewelry. Can you sort the things you find by color? shape? type? Does any of the jewelry look like the what Adam had in the video? Take a picture of your favorite piece or a piece that looks like what was in the video and tell me why you love it. I will post your replies to the blog on Saturday!

Question of the Day

Adam showed 2 pieces of jewelry that he said were silver, but they are very dark. Why do you think the silver jewelry wasn't shiny?

Post your wonders, questions, and thoughts for Adam or me in the comments section. If you want us to make a video about something here in Ashkelon for you just let me know; these archaeologists love making videos!


on 2012-06-29 09:36 by Nichole Moos

Hi Friends!

Thanks for watching Adam's video. You are right about the jewelry, it is dirty! The science word for it is tarnished. Silver that gets dirty like that is called tarnished. Can you find any tarnished jewelry in your parents jewelry box?

Charlie! It's tricky to find someone to hold the video camera so I have to hold it and video all of the archaeologist. Holding the camera also makes it so I can show you all the special stuff.  I would love for you to visit me! :) Have fun digging in your new yard!!

Nathan, we loved the picture and we will be posting it on Saturday!

Smart Class-

We have found lots of jewelry like the pieces that you saw. The ones in the video were Adam's favorites. We find lots and lots of beads in all different colors and shapes.  My favorite piece was the gold ring, I even got to put it on the end of my finger. It was very fancy. I like the gold ring because it had me wondering about what use to be on the top of it.

Oliver! I think you have to wait a few years to get those ears pierced:) We are all LOVING being outside in the summer. It is really hot here and very sunny so we have to all wear lots of sunscreen. We are outside 10 hours a day every day and have to drink lots of water and wear hats so we don't get sick.