What's on your floor?

Hi friends! Today in Grid 51 we found a super cool floor. Archaeologist Dana wanted to share it with you.  Enjoy!

Junior Archaeologist Assignment

Dana wants to know what is on the floor at your house. Is it the same or different from the floor we found? What room in your house has the most interesting stuff on the floor? 

Question of the Day

What room of the condo do you think this floor is? Why do you think that?


on 2012-07-05 14:22 by Nichole Moos

Great ideas for where the floor is in the condo. We are still collecting materials from the floor, but it looks like it was for sure a space where people walked and lived.  The white bottle on the floor likes a modern milk bottle, but I think you will be surprised when you hear what it is. Check out geologist Dave's video on it today! (Hint: Geologist Dave is a rock expert so it has to have something to do with rocks...)