More Ancient Dogs

In today's video zooarchaeologist Paula tells us about what time period the dogs were found in and what she knows about the dog by looking at its skull.

Junior Archaeologist Activity

Paula is able to look at animal skulls and determine what animal it belongs to. Can you do the same? Here is a link to a game that tests your ability to match skulls with animals. Good luck! Post in the comments section how you did! I can't wait to hear about the fun you will have.

Question of the Day

What parts of the skeletons do you think are important for Paula to look at in order to identify animals?


on 2012-07-24 06:13 by Nichole Moos

You are right on Nina! Every dog skull is a little different and Paula is able to tell us information about the dog by looking at its skull.  She also looks at the dog's bones to tell about the type of life it had. Was the dog sick? Did it hurt itself? This information helps her to understand the story behind the dogs of Ashkelon.