Strike a Pose!

Did you know many of the artifacts we find here in Ashkelon are photographed and drawn?! Photographing and drawing the objects we find is an important step in understanding what is on the object, how it is shaped, and what other items we have found are similar to it. All of her photographs are put into our computer system so at any time we can look up photos and information about what has been found. It's like Google but for our Ashkelon excavation!

Our dig photographer, Melissa, takes photos of these small objects in her hotel room here. She has created a little studio in there and invited us in to take a look at how she does this part of her job.  

Junior Archaeology Assignment: Can you set up a photo shoot like Melissa does? Some things to think of: 

1. Choose an object

2. Make sure you have good light

3. Ask your parents to allow to or help you to use their camera! 

4. Set a scale next to the object so we know how big it is. This can be a ruler or a coin or anything that has a standard size. 

5. Shoot! Don't forget to shoot the different sides of the object! 

6. E-mail me your photos at

Question of the day: What would happen if Melissa didn't use a scale (ruler) when photographing objects?  What other sorts of things do you think Melissa photographs during the day?