We found something I had never seen before in Grid 51 today! I sat down with archaeologist Kate this afternoon to tell me more about it. Check it out:

Junior Archaeologist Assignment:  Archaeologist Kate talked about how the lekythos came from Greece; it was imported to Ashkelon. Importing means things move from one place into another. We import many objects we use each day from different countries.

Today, in your archaeology log book, find 5 objects in your home and record where they are from. Try and find objects from different rooms in your home; be sure to check out your fruit and vegetables!

**BONUS: With a parent find the countries your objects were imported from on this MAP

Question of the Day:  What other countries/cities might have had items imported to ancient Ashkelon? Here is a MAP for you to look at.  Ashkelon is not on this map, but if you find Gaza Strip that is near where Ashkelon is located.

Post your comments below or e-mail me your ideas and photos at teachashkelon@gmail.com.