An early morning hike at Arbel Cliffs

Our last day of touring started at the Arbel Cliffs. As we were overlooking the Galilee region, two of our volunteers got engaged! They had been dating at home, and this was a fabulous way to end our trip. We then set off on a long hike down the cliff side to the excitement of some-and through sheer terror of others. (I was part of the sheer terror group-there's a long period of time on this hike with no pictures because you had to hold onto ropes as you climbed down a narrow path on the cliff)

Arbel is a really cool place because fortresses have been built into the actual face of the cliff so it was harder to attack. These natural caves were used by rebels against King Herod and fortified during the Roman period. Below, we were able to see the Roman, Byzantine, and Hellenistic period village ruins-there was a lot of history there!

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