Why do we have you keep log books?

In my science class, I have students keep science journals to record their data, answer questions, write procedures, and look back to reflect on past experiments.

Teachers don't just have you do this for fun, we are training you how to be good scientists! I was not surprised to see how many archaeologists here use log books every day in the grid to record their findings. With the internet being unpredictable and the fact that everyone has to keep track of a lot of information every day, log books are the way to keep your findings organised. It is our hope in having you write in your log book for every module that you see what a valuable tool it can be!

Watch as Emily, an assistant square supervisor, explains the way that she uses her log book in the field.

Junior Archaeologist Assignment:

Either using the log book from previous blog posts or a brand new notebook, start recording what you see around you! What questions do you have about what you see during the day, and how could you find the answers to those questions? You will be using this log book throughout future blog posts, so make sure you keep it neat and in a safe spot where you won't lose it!

Question of the Day:

What do you think would happen if archaeologists didn't keep these log books? How might that change what they do in the field?