2009 season, day 2

Today, the plan was to finish cleaning the surface early in the day, and start digging as soon as possible. That plan was somewhat disrupted by finding a nice, level surface. That surface had to be cleaned, which took much of the morning.

But that wasn't all we did. There's a bit of a trench to the side of Garstang's wall that we've been digging out, and there's the end of the big Byzantine wall that we've been looking for.

I'll attempt to explain this, though the medium of pictures. Unfortunately, most of the pictures that I took in the afternoon didn't come out quite right, so I'm going to start by scribbling all over the one you can see up on the left, there.

Okay, there are a lot of lines there, which I hope will be visible if you click through on that very similar looking picture, to the right of this paragraph.

The red line, more or less, marks the edges of the slice of territory that I'm excavating. It's trying to represent a three dimensional space in two dimensions, so there'll be problems with that throughout, but I'll do what I can.

The bit circled in black marks the edges of the smooth, regular surface. I'm very pleased with that surface, as it makes it easy to distinguish between topsoil and what we're digging, and I'm looking forward to going through it. The bit edged in green marks a row of stones from the big Byzantine wall in the square that we excavated last year. Next to that, there's a little trench, where we've started digging today, showing that face of the wall. And, on the far side of the area, there's the 192os wall that we're going to be taking down, course by course.

And that's all for now, I think.