2009 season, day 3

It was another productive day, today, and the triangle I'm digging looks a good deal different than it did yesterday. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures -- hopefully, I'll get that done this afternoon. Instead, I've got a couple of pictures of a a green glazed potsherd, which I took out of a trench near the south side of the big Byzantine wall.

Assuming that all goes well, I'll follow this sherd as it makes its way through the system we have. Thus far, that story hasn't been terribly eventful.

The story so far goes as follows: I saw the sherd in the dirt, (it's more or less in the middle of the first picture) and put it into a pottery bucket (it's on the lower left of the bucket in the second picture). The bucket has a tag which will let us track it -- it's got the date it was dug, the supervisors, the general area and the specific square from which it was taken, and so on. It's also got a bar code, which means that even if I made errors in transcribing that information onto the tag, as I will do, from time to time, we can look in OCHRE, and get all of that out, and more, including any comments put in about that sherd. There's also a plastic bag in that bucket, which I believe was holding marble tesserae. Once I've gone through this with a piece of pottery, I'll show you how finds like that are processed.

Anyhow now I'm off to the pottery compound. If I've got the time, I'll show the next step that sherd takes after I come back from there, and have eaten dinner. Also, maybe there'll be more about the digging that we've done today.