Tel Games 2011

It is always fun trying to guess what Adam is going to arrange for the latest addition of Tel Games.  This year, as in each previous year, he surpassed our wildest expectations.  And really, some of them were pretty wild.  Adam never tells anyone what the Games are going to be.  He likes to surprise us, keep us on our toes.  This year all we knew going in was  that to participate you had to bring two pairs of socks.  That's right, two pairs of socks...

What, you wonder, could you possibly need two pairs of socks for?  Well, after taking half an hour to explain the rules of the Games -- last year it actually took longer to explain the Games than it did to play them -- we knew!






Here, you can see Adam holding a particularly unattractive clay man -- more about him in a moment -- and the Tel Games trophy with the name of last year's winner, Maria, displayed proudly on a broken potsherd stuck to the trophy.









So, what would this year's winner have to do in order to get their name on the trophy?  Nothing less than survive a zombie invasion!  One unleashed, perhaps unsurprisingly, by archaeologists who unwittingly dug up the ugly clay man you see above, thereby unleashing an unspeakable terror upon The Leon Levy Expedition to Ashkelon. 

Tel Games 2011, Archaeologists vs. Zombies.  Who.  Will.  Win. 

And the socks?  Ammunition for the humans.  Hit a zombie with a sock and they are forced to reanimate themselves which takesthem out of the game for a few moments.

There were more rules than that but really, while it did take Adam less time to explain the Games than it did to play them this year, frankly, I can't remember half of them.  The long and the short of it is the humans had to get inside Grid 47, the spawning ground of the zombies, build a sandbag wall barrier and rebury the clay man at which point they had to chant "Nebuchadnezzer destroyed Ashkelon in 604 BCE."

Honestly, the humans never had a chance but it was fun to watch them try!



An early human vs. zombie encounter.








A safe place from which to watch the action.












Zombie Philip and Zombie Kate take down Scott.









The humans race towards Grid 47 where they need to bury the evil clay man.








A human vs. zombie melee in Grid 47.  Zombie Josh crush!







The victorious zombies celebrate their win over the intrepid but inept humans.





And then decide it would be a good idea to eat the photographer!