Some Fun Pictures

The last day of digging is behind us.  Up next?  Cleaning.  It is hard to belive that the season has passed so quickly!  It is a given that some of the most exciting work of the entire season happens in the last week, the last days, even the last minutes as we race to leave the grid in good shape for the winter (hard to believe we are already thinking about winter).  The digging is always fantastic that last week and this year was no exception.

 In Grid 47, one of our most interesting finds was a well preserved cistern.  We did a little work this past week to see if we could determine its limits.



So far, we have determined that you can fit two full grown volunteers inside at the same time.  Actually, I think at one point we had three inside!








Over the course of last week, the cistern became our therapy chamber.  Feel the need to sweat a bit?  To have the sweat drip down your arms as you lift heavy blocks?  Well, the cistern is the place for you!  David certainly agreed -- that smile isn't staged.





What does the cistern look like from the outside?  Well, think of an upside down spaceship crashed into a mound of dirt and you'll have the right idea.  And in case you still can't picture it, take a look at the right side of this picture.  The big round thing behind the wall is the cistern.

One more week to go!  Really, it is hard to believe!