Day Eleven

Definitely cooler and less humid today which made for much more pleasant working conditions.  Not a moment too soon either as several grids are heading into some big dirt moving projects.




Grid 38 has already moved a lot of dirt and Shimi's square which is to be full of architecture is now largely empty!







The same cannot be said for Ben's square which is full of more drains and/or sewer channels than any one square could hope to posses.  Here, Josh stands in one channel while pointing out a second.  The drains/sewers appear to be Roman or Byzantine in date and at least one of them continued to be used into the Islamic period before silting up and going out of use.






Meanwhile, in Grid 51 they have been busy finding mysterious metal objects.  We aren't sure yet what it might be but check back soon.  We should know more in short order.





Last but not least, in Grid 47 today we worked on removing fills.  And finding walls.  We did that today.  And floors.  We did some of that too.  All in all, a busy and productive day for everyone.

Can't wait until tomorrow!