Day Twelve

It was a busy day for the Leon Levy Expedition.






Today in Grid 51 there was some grid maintenance along with digging.  The fence has fallen down?  No problem, David and Kate can fix it!










Pascal and Natty excavate an Islamic period robber trench cut into a Hellenistic building.







Jared carefully excavates what is now thought to be a shovel -- previously identified in the blog as "mysterious metal object" -- found abandoned on an early Hellenistic street.










Jared, Nichole and Adam examine the shovel.


It was also a busy day in Grid 47 where small finds were the word of the day.





If you look closely, you will see a piece of worked bone decorated with circles and dots.








Ben works to uncover the rim of a large glass vessel.



We also had some very special visitors in Grid 47 today.




Rafi and Kedem joined us in the field to do some work.  Kedem was quite pleased to find a small weight, pottery, bone and some glass. 





And while there are no pictures, word is that it was also a very busy and productive day in Grid 38.  Phase 17 is gone, Phase 18 is thin and they are well on their way to uncovering and excavating Phase 19.

Tomorrow is the end of Week Two and we'll be in the pottery compound working on various research projects.  Stay tuned to learn more about some of the projects we are working on this year.