Day Fifteen

There was a strange and unusual sight in Grid 47 -- so strange and unusual that the computer can't figure out the picture's orientation.  If you look carefully, however, and tilt your head appropriately you can see Busby working.  It's true.  There he is, carrying a rock.

In fact, Busby has met the goals for his square this season and now finds himself working with Robyn in her square.  This means he is off the computer and in the dirt.  Life doesn't get any better!  Really.

And best of all, Busby, Ben and Kristen were able to answer some important questions about the architecture in Grid 47.  Great work guys!



To the right, Eric prepares himself in the eventuality that he is allowed into the stone-lined cist in front of him.  It is actually quite an interesting structure and one which everyone in Grid 47 has expressed interest in exploring.  The lure of dark, dirty spaces under ground is very powerful here at Ashkleon.

Grid 38 is dismantling their drains -- we hope to have pictures soon.

Dana conquers the wall



Dana has now vanquished the wall visible in the picture to the left.  Work continues in Grid 51 and today they uncovered a layer of collapse (or perhaps even destruction debris) on a floor inside their mudbrick building.  Kate believes it is late Persian or early Hellenistic thereby making the find very, very interesting.


After a long night, happily everyone is safe and sound, it was back to work and across the board grids reported it was a safe and productive work day.  Good news all around.

It is hard to believe that we are almost finished with the first half of the season.  Our first session half-season volunteers will finish their adventure this Friday and new volunteers will arrive Saturday.  What will the next three weeks bring as we work to meet all of our goals?  Can't wait to see!