Day Sixteen

The walls are coming down all over the ancient site of Ashkelon!  In Grid 38, they've spent two days dismantling a cement covered Roman drain with picks.  Needless to say, the picks aren't so happy about this development.  On this day two picks gave it their all as volunteers and their supervisors pounded away. 

Up next?  604 B.C.E. 




Demonstrating the nonchalance of a supervisor comfortable with breaking the pick he is using, Busby admires his handiwork.  His pick failed as he and several volunteers worked to remove the remains of foundation courses for a large Abbasid/Tulunid wall in Grid 47.





Adam joined us in bringing the walls down in Grid 47.  Here he and Scarlett work to dismantle the walls of a Crusader period wine vat.  Just a few hours later, Scarlett would uncover a four line Arabic inscription as she continued working.




Grid 51 has some of the most dense, intricate stratigraphy on site and here Kate teaches one of her volunteers about seeing the relationships between different features both made of dirt. 

As Alethia says, "That's pretty much archaeology."