The Dan Gardens Hotel stands ready as the Leon Levy Expedition to Ashkelon prepares to welcome volunteers for the 2012 field season.  We have a lot to do from finishing the excavation of a Philistine era house and a Roman period odeon to delving further into the buildings of Hellenistic and Persian period Ashkelon where they stand overlooking the sea.  So far it has been perfect digging weather with plentifyl sunshine and low humidity.

In addition to field excavation, we are actively working on a number of research projects including Persian period pottery, Islamic glass and Islamic pottery, Hellenistic occupation levels and more.  There is no shortage of  work for everyone.

Sunday should be great!

If you are arriving in Israel tomorrow, just a reminder, there will be two shuttles transporting volunteers and staff from Ben Gurion Airport to Ashkelon.  The first leaves at 4:00 pm and the second at 7:00 pm.  Our volunteer coordinator, Megan, will be on both shuttles.  If you want to take a shuttle you need to find Megan.  She and/or other members of the Ashkelon staff will be waiting at a coffee shop that is to the left once you have exited customs.  You can recognize it by its lime green chairs.





The hotel lobby was quiet this morning but tomorrow evening it promises to be full.  We'll see you then.