An Evening Out

 We celebrated a successful preseason yesterday evening by enjoying a wonderful -- and quiet -- dinner at the Ashkelon marina. 


Located just a fifteen minute walk from the hotel, the marina and its many restaurants are a favorite refuge of staff and volunteers alike.  Particularly on weekends when the hotel is full of vacationing Israelis.







Dinner was a meal of pizzas and salads and a quiet perusal of the boats in their slips.  Well, quiet until a young brother and sister decided to play hide and seek right around our table.





If you peer closely enough, you may be able to discern the red painted trim of the Dan Gardens Hotel just above the treeline on the left side of the picture. 

Volunteers have started trickling in, supervisors are busy making final prepartions for tomorrow morning and a cool breeze is blowing.  It's another beautiful day in Ashkelon.


Quote of the Day: "Everyone happily greeted the arrival of Dana's french press -- and Dana too.  But mostly the french press."