Back Home

Rainy and mid-70s back in Chicago.  What a glorious day!

Just a brief word today.  This season we were joined by Nichole Moos, a pre-school teacher in a Chicago Public School who came to learn about archaeology.  And, in conjunction with the expedition, she came to work on developing web content and an archaeology classroom curriculum.  Nichole excavated every day and then blogged about it in the afternoons.  Many of those blogs included videos by the Ashkelon staff and they were wildly popular with kids back home.

Well, people have taken note of Nichole's great work.  "Dig: The Archaeology Magazine for Kids" has linked to Nichole's blog.  You can find it here.  Just scroll down the page until you see Ashkelon.  

As mentioned previously, Nichole will continue blogging and working on various projects throughout the school year.  Do check periodically to see what is going on in her world and this fabulous project.