Day Twenty-Nine

No doubt about it, it is Week 5!

In Grid 47 we are digging probes looking for more information on the Roman and Hellenistic sequences.  What does that mean?  It means we select an area of the grid where we think we can gain some valuable information by digging and going as deep as we can in that particular spot.  What do we hope to find?  Well, in one of our probes we hope to date the Roman basilica and bouteterion put out of use by the construction of the odeon, theatre, we are currently excavating.  In the second probe we hope to learn more about the earliest architecture in the grid, a large Hellenistic period building.



 There was a strange and unusual sighting in Grid 47 today.  Michael, the microarchaeologist came to take samples!  In this case, he isn't sampling floors but rather the cement on our walls as we try to distinguish whether we are dealing with gypsum or lime mortars. 





Larissa uses small tools -- a porcupine quill to be exact -- to excavate a horn core that just happened to be near a cow skull which you can see towards the front of the picture.